The Go Further Foundation’s mission is to be the mechanism that bridges professional development and personal health, by connecting young professionals with helpful resources and structure to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. We leverage peer mentors, executive coaching, and healthy living resources while simultaneously calling attention to the importance of supporting one’s mental well-being

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 Mentor and Mentee

The Mentor/Mentee program is an eco-system where our mentors support the transition of young professionals into the professional world. Our mentors are trained to utilize their experience to be a support structure to their mentee. By using a strategic software program, mentors and mentees create user profiles, allowing us to tailor to the needs of the mentee by pairing them with a like-minded mentor. Through this program, mentee and mentors will have the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings as well as monthly group outings. Mentees and Mentors have full access to all resources offered within the Go Further Foundation, including the fireside chats through webinars and seminars with coaches who discuss topics important to the community


Leaning on the experience and wisdom of older generations, the Go Further Foundation sponsors monthly fireside chats with coaches discussing topics important to our community. Access to these webinars/seminars is one of the many benefits of being involved in the Go Further Foundation. Topics include: Career and business growth, networking do’s and don’ts, technology and innovation, and adjusting to working from home.

Healthy Lifestyle

Studies show that a healthy lifestyle directly correlates with a positive mental well-being. To support this the Go Further Foundation is here to provide resources regarding happy and healthy living. We aim to partner with professionals to provide nutritional insight and opportunities to learn more about the importance of staying active. Further supporting a healthy lifestyle is creating healthy relationships. We want to give opportunities to be a part of extracurriculars outside of our foundation, as well as in the workplace. Volunteer events, networking opportunities, and intramural involvement are all available throughout the year in several locations. The Go Further Foundation’s calendar will list all upcoming event’s/opportunities whether you want to pursue them on an individual basis or as a group.

Mental Health

By taking a proactive approach to mental health, we are passionate about supporting mental well-being within our community and beyond. We are partnered with mental health professionals that support training and offer resources to ensure the safety of our community. Our nonprofit also supports other organizations who share our values and are passionate about negating the stigma around discussing mental health. We believe vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness, and show that through the sharing of our own stories. Nobody is on their journey alone and the Go Further Foundation will be that constant reminder.

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